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Movement method Level 1 - Live stream

1st and 2nd of september 2023 6-9PM CET

How to use any environment and situation – classroom, home, therapy practice, nature – to calm the
nervous system, bring down cortisol (stress hormone that prevents learning when over produced),
create oxytocin (antidote to cortisol, as well as happiness and communication hormone), stimulate
Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) and the Vestibular System as well as increasing the
production of Purkinje Cells in the cerebellum (motor and social skills). One can use Movement
Method in both therapeutic and educational environments to boost cognition, emotional regulation
and intellectual development. There are three levels of Movement Method, which is used in schools
in Germany, especially the Robinson School and International Baccalaureate School, Frankfurt, and
the Mammoth Schule Ahlen, and in the USA, especially in School >District 49, Colorado Springs as
well as over 100 other educational and therapeutic locations in the UK, USA, Ireland, Germany,
Netherlands Belgium, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and more.
For more information on Movement Method and how it works click here; www.kidsmustmove.com
For a short explanatory video click here: https//youtu.be/s0PJyfRMihk