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ATHENA - Live stream

3rd -4th of october 2023 10AM-4PM
Learning the Forgotten System
There is a secret code that the Old Masters wrote down for how to train the horse and rider to the most joyful expressions of dressage - puaffe, passage, pirouette, tempis and airs above the ground.
The modern sport dressage system doesn't teach this, and sadly also does not teach joy.
There is a secret, a code, a key. Once horse and human know this a whole world of passivity opens up.
It comes down to two things- learning how to work the horse in-hand, and then how to transfer thisbin hand knowledge to the saddle.
There are two in hand patterns and two long rein exercises that everything,  and we truly do mean  everything, else in dressage springs from.
Join us for two days at Lundehagen to learn the beginnings if these in hand patterns. If you learn them and follow them, just as the Old Masters intended, then not only does the world of high level collected dressage open up to you, but also freedom, joy, an emotional connection that many seek but few find.
Come explore and learn the secret code to unlock the magic kingdom with your horse