Clinic with Rupert Isaacson

29th of september -4th of october 2023


His life story is one that traverses a lot of territory. A journalist for the British and American press from the early 1990s, he has also published several guidebooks to Africa and India, and is the author of three non-fictional memoirs: The Healing Land (a New York Times Notable Book), which tells the story of his family in Africa, and of his own time spent living with the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert; The Horse Boy (a New York Times and Sunday Times bestseller), which tells the story of his journey across Mongolia on horseback with his autistic son Rowan; and The Long Ride Home, which tells of the three subsequent healing journeys he and his son made to Africa, Australia and the Navajo Reservation, as well as his discovery of how horses can help autism and special needs in general.

Rupert, through Horse Boy foundation, offers scholarships and services to autism families and professionals. With New Trails Learning Systems he spreads the methods that have helped Rowan so immensely: Horse Boy Method (addressing autism and other neuro-psychiatric issues with the help of horses), Movement Method (academics through movement at home or in school for mainstream and special education), ATHENA (addressing trauma through horse trainings), and finally Long Ride Home (a program for higher levels of equitation and self-care (emotional, spiritual and personal development) for horsey people.



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